Car & Equipment finance


Accomplished Finance Solutions offer a range of car and equipment finance solutions with flexible payment plans that can be customised to your income. We can help you get the best deal where you can get a car in a convenient and easy to pay terms at its lowest price.  Whether you want to buy equipment, manage corporate vehicle fleets or upgrade technology, we can help you meet your needs while preserving your working capital.


We offer you the highest level of personal service whilst taking all the frustration and worry out of your way.  Let Accomplished Finance Solutions arrange an approval for your new purchase leaving you with a stress free life.

Types of Equipment Finance

Hire Purchase

Accomplished Finance Solutions can help you to purchase an equipment for business use. During the hiring period, the Bank owns the equipment and you make regular instalments to the Bank.  The interest component of the payments and the depreciation may be tax-deductible.


Equipment Loan

This type of loan agreement where funds are borrowed to purchase equipment. The borrower provides security for the loan by way of a mortgage to the Bank over the equipment financed.  With this type of loan, you can hold the title of the equipment with flexible repayment that suits you.  Its term is flexible and negotiable, subject to Bank approval.


Finance Lease

This type of loan arrangement for financing equipment where the Bank retains legal title during the lease period. The interest rate, rental amounts and residual value are fixed at the outset. Rentals may be tax deductible provided the equipment is used for business purposes.  This type of loan allows you to obtain the equipment with no capital outlay and the terms are flexible subject to the bank and ATO guidelines.


Consumer Secured Loans

The Consumer Secured Loan is the best option for you if you’d like to own and use your equipment immediately.  With this type of loan, you will own the financed goods from the outset but the goods are mortgaged to the bank as security and this may require a deposit.


Novated Lease

The Novated Lease is a lease that is taken out in your name.  Your employer signs a Novation agreement taking on repayment responsibilities.  The vehicle can be purchased without the capital outlay and even if you change companies,  the vehicle remains yours.