Investment Loans 

Accomplished Finance Solutions  understand your financial goals but finding the capital to support an investment plan may be difficult. 


Accomplished Finance Solutions  can help you with the cash you need and help you achieve your goals.  Let your money work hard for you and unlock your investment potential by borrowing funds to increase your share or managed funds portfolio.

Common Types Of Investment Loans

Principal and interest

This is the simplest loans and usually used by owner occupiers who are paying the loan with the intention of eventually owning the property. Every regular payment pays off interest and a proportion of the principal borrowed.


Interest only 

This type of loan is usually preferred by investors who only want to pay off the interest which is generally tax deductible.  You can usually request an interest only period from 1 to 5 years and often banks will allow this period to be renegotiated.


Line of Credit 

This type of loan allows you to access the equity in a property by securing a line of credit against that property.  This can be drawn upon, pay down and redrawn anytime for different purposes.